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Mulligan's Gaming Pub

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Founded in 2014, Mulligan's Gaming Pub strives to be the area's most comprehensive buyer and seller of trading cards, tabletop RPGs, boardgames, and accessories. With a playroom that can accommodate a host of different events at one time, there is always something to play. Weekly events, major events, and everything in between keep it interesting, being able to grab a game and sit down with your friends at any time make it home. In August 2019, Mulligan's Gaming took new ownership, starting its transformation with a new name - Mulligan's Gaming Pub, and a new location - in downtown Johnson City, TN. As the new name suggests, they have added a Traditional Irish Pub as well and the food will instantly become your favorite! They are family/veteran/women owned and operated! We are honoroed to have them as our premier sponsor this year! They are bringing a new level of gaming to Robcon with panels, events, tournements, and free play table table top gaming all weekend! They are an important sponsor, a great friend to MEC, and they will be serving up the games, and food as well, at RobCon 2022!

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Excelsior tattoo

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Excelsior Tattoo is expert tattooing done in a friendly, clean and laid back atmosphere. Over 30 years of experience, specializing in fandom and all things nerdy! We are honored to have them as a sponsor for Robcon 2022! They till have booths on the floor full of treasures you can't miss and artists you HAVE to meet!

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The Gamer's Lounge

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Founded in February 2022, The Gamer’s Lounge has taken on the forward battle of reviving “Couch Co-op.” As a modern take on the beloved classic arcade, they provide the newest systems in the plenty! Biggest features are the PS5/PC/Nintendo Switch/Oculus Quest 2/and a full tabletop room! They host a wide array of weekly and monthly tournaments, weekly Super Smash Bros, fighting game tourneys, all sorts of first-person shooters, sports games, and party games! Their goal is to bring back that full body excitement that comes with sitting down with your best buddy and grinding out your favorite game.

This year they will be hosting the virtual game room for Robcon with a multitude of games to compete in or just a spot to sit down and free play with a friend! They look forward to being a sponsor and dynamic game spot for Robcon 2022!

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