June 24 -26 2022!

It's our 35th year! Visit here for more information and announcements!





Square feet of comics, games and collectibles
People Attending
Costumes, Cosplayers, and Caped Crusaders
Days of FUN!
What is ROBCON all about?

The 35th Annual RobCon is on its way! This year will see the convention return to the Meadowview Conference Resort in Kingsport, TN on June 13th and 14th, 2020!. RobCon is a regional tradition spanning 35 years, with a lifespan that has seen it grow from a single room with a few vendors to the huge Meadowview Conference Resort; always growing and evolving to the wants and needs of the long list of fans of both Mountain Empire Comics and all things nerdy!

Mountain Empire Comics has been a staple of the comic and gaming communities in the Tri-Cities since 1984 and has helped countless people find fun and friendship through their stores in both Johnson City and Bristol.